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that this onwould be as corrupt as e old one. what do you make of that? >> well -- barack obama has a problem. that isn understatement. >> he has an afghan govement that is an unworthy partner. he has karza who is -- whose brother is arook, corrupt involved in e hern busess. he has tmake a decision about what general mcchrystal has recommended, and all signs indicate that weillee something ong the lines of mcrystalite, wch is noto give t 40,000 troops by -- >> it reminds me of 72 in south etnamhen the presint ran for reelection, only ther was nobodto rungainst him, that slan w "choose the one, the only one." >> can you have confince in karzai's government? >> it is diminishing on the part of the british. pre minister gordon brown made clear that the troops -- >> by a sile military officer -- sound familia >> that there were cerin tests that had been met and probably cannot be met by this afan gornment of corption and opness and reform. but it is a way of great britain leaving afghanistan. >> well, gordon browsaid this weeken that he is not leaving, that there is commitment tt they cannot wal
>>> tonight on "rldfocus" -- >>> preside obama in jan. the chging relationship of an assertive,ew japanese leader stes outis ground. >>> wi jobs in thebalance, the british gornment tries to deal with arowing backlash over immigtion. > pakistan unr atta. th latestdeadlybombing shows that not en the cntry's spy agency issafe. >>> how acountry richin culture d history is gog afte tourist welme to iraq. >>> from the worls leadin reporters and anysts here' what's hpening around the world. this is "wldfocus."uc=cíz major supporhas been provided by rosli p. walter and the peter g. petern foundation, dedicated to proting fiscal respsibility and addressing key economic challenges fang amica's future. additional funng is provided by theollowing supporters >>> held sloe good evening. i'm daljit aliwal. when president obama arrived in japa today on the fit stop of his first trip to asia, heame ce to face with a man not unlike himself. a new leader wh swept into office on a prome ochange. includinasserting greater independce in dealing with the united states. prime minist yukio hatoyoma s
world news." >> barack obama says the u.s. and chinacan cooperate, b he delivers an uncomfortae mesge, too, aut free speech. on patrol with the police in mexicos the drug a siation has s deadliest days. anwe may need t triple aid to our culture. welcomeo "bbc world news." coming up later for you -- anjo plays] on the road againthis time to deliver her memoi. but there -- but is ther more to jt -- to this than just plugging a book? and at an exhibitwith an important message. ♪ presidentbama's visit to china is arguab his most siificant officia trip yet. a day into it, he has stresd again thatthe u.s. and chi and need not be adversarie that the wod would benefit from their cooperation. and in a town hall styl event live o tv, he told chinese students thatree-speech is a universal right. when he died with china' president -- president --hen he dined wit china's president, his ssage was moreiplomatic. >> he is here to say lcome to the rise of a new power in the eat, barack oba wantshina as a partner, t our arrival. -- not a rival. today, took a message to china, something tt china -- h
. president obama said that the comtment that he de cannot be fulfilled in time. >> itas one of the oba administration's elier prises, close th prison that they called mo by s first term in office -- by his firs year in ofice. 10 inmates are beingbrought to tria five of them in ne york. the president was asked ife understood why some americans found this offeive. >> i don't think it is offensive at all when he is convicted and when the death penalty is applied. what im clear about is that i have mpleteonfidence in the merican people and o legal traditions. >> there are still 215 pple being hel in guantano bay. some have been cleared of wrongdoing b no countries have been fohcoming itaking them. some of them will be tried at a federal cou in manhattan including 9/11 mastermind khalid sheikh mohammed. detaineecould endp being sent to a prison in rur illinois. the ainistration's top lawy went toapitol hill to brush aside questions. >> did khalid sheikh mhammed make the sametatement in his military proceedings? he wille seen for theower that hes. i am not scared of what he has to say a drop
>>> tonight on "worldfus" -- >> as wraps up his visit to asia, prident obama talks toughabout north korea's nuclear program and issues new warning to iran. >>> in ghanistan, presint karzai is ingurated for a second term. will he makegood on hipromise to root t rampant corption? >>>n our signature stoy, we take you to dided town on the west ba where america settlers say they feel under attack. thpalestinians say they are rced to do witut. >>> and throughout europe toda the talk is all about the world p and a missed ca that h ance celebring and ireland outrag. and the peter g. pet >> from the world's leadg reports and analysts, here's at's happening from around t world. this is orldfocus." major supporhas been provided by rosalind p. walter and the peter g.eterson foundation, dicated to promoting fiscalesponsibility and addressing keyconomic chalnges facing america's future. and addition funding is ovided by the following supporters -- >>> hello and od evening. i'm dalj dhaliwal in new york. presidt obama had a tough new message today foroth north korea and iran, tling them to
. on the newshouthis monday, the lead story: psident obama in china, where he talkedo students aboutreedom and censohip. >> the more iormation flowsthe stronger the society becomes. >> lehrer: after the otr news of the day, we'll have big cture look at u.s.-china retions, and a sampling of how people in beijing view the american psident. then, gwen ill updates the general tors bankruptcy, as it anunces plans to begin paying off its bailout bt to the deral government. elizabethrackett reports on the debate about oil mined cada and refined in the u.s. and jeffrey brown tal to authorobert edsel about his ew book on art that was loot by the nazis in rld war ii. major funding for the wshour with jim lehrer is pvided by: >> what theorld needs now is nergy. the energy tget the economy mming again. the energy to tackle cllenges like clate change. what if that energy me from an energyompany? every day chevron invests $62 millioin people, in ideas-- seing, teaching, building. fuelg growth around e world to moves all ahead. thiis the power of human eney. hevron. d by toyota. and monsanto. d by grant thornton. >>
obama won the support of independent voters. what happened la night is a lot of independe voters swun over to the republican gubernatorial candidates in both states. there was evidence that independent voters are upset with presidentbama on spending and deficit issues. that is something disive in the whithouse. that is the first thin the second thing is,s you ow, president obama p together a remarkable political coalition last year of first time vote, african-american voters, young voters. the's no evidence tose voters came out toupport the gubernatoria candidates, despite the ft campaigned on eir behalf. tavis: dsn't thatean he was not onthe ballot and that is why they did not turn out? >> i think that is probably the case. we need to be careful saying the for the obama coalition is gone. he was not on e ballot. the othething there is that these wereot federal ndidates. these are candidates runnin for state office. the wereot state senators ar members of the hse who will vote on health care or the issues that mattered less. we need to be careful. we have yet to see evidencso far that
is one of the toughest cisions that president obama has to ma, it could definehis presidency. >> well, the prident's dision just got a lot tougher. in a leak memo to the white hous his bassador urged against sendi mo troops. that advice runscountetothe wish of the op general afghanistan. >> the president's dilea has just deeped, afte22 wa of war council t choice is stil tou to pend a 1 billn dollars on each troops nt. anthis could mean afghanistan could be st deeper in terrorism. at the last eting the president sa that the meeting was not en-ended, it leaves the top two mein the cotry at lagger hes. general mcchystal wants more troops but his time is running out. and h7!ekarl eikenberryent a messag not to send in unless ey clean up their act. >> i think that the corruption ise goes the hrt whether the people ofafghanistan fes the gornment is on thr side,working for them. >> te president's administration is still divided, and mcchryst and robert gates and hillary clinton, skeptical that this wilwork. the preside has noome down on oneside or the her. >>it's an exlusive dilemma fothe pr
>> charlie: welcomto the broadcas we begin with a w documentary abt president obama proced by t actor edwar nortonnd the writers aremy rice and aliciasams. >> it's not about how much of obamado we get tsee but the movement a the structure of the campgn and the iernal piece that history that's now occurred which is he got elected. >> be the i bough his book and i read itnd you know, he ha iredible sto and a thought, wow, this guy could be the first africanmerican president and thought it would make great documentary. >> there was alst a sereipity to the campaign and occurred within him and - it was the right campaign for the right person at the right time and there's like an elent simplici to it all and geniusehind it. >> charlie: d the basketball coach from the uversity of noh carolina, roy williams. >> i loved going on the road. i love having the majority of people n being for us, cheering agast us. the national championshipame this year i detroit wh us against michigan state,72,000 people and ,000 were from north carolina and thether 65 were from michigan sta and a talked to
> tonight on "worldfocus" -- >>> president obama and chinese president pledge to tackle global challenges together, but w muress didh really make? wel analyze thecritical and complex retionship between these two nations. >>> in the czech republic, a day to emember. the start of th velvet revotion 20 years ago. that country. was toppled in >>> and isra's high tech revoluon. the first of thre "signature" storiecouny this week. >>> from the world's leading reporters and analts, here's what's hapning from around the rld. this is orldfocus." majosupport has en pvided by rosalinp. walter and the peter g. petersofoundation, dedited to promoting fiscal respsibility and addressing key economic challengefacing america's re. antional fovided by the folling supporters -- >>> llo and good evening. i'm daljit dhawal. yo sense of why today's meeting betwn present obama and chinese president hu jintao was important, the two countries together accoun for almo one-quarter ofhe world's population. china, ocourse, is far lger aosfour times as many people. and as it sees its economic power grow, so
>> charlie: welcome the broadcast. we begin with a nedocumentary aboupresident obama produd by the actor edward norton a the writers are a rice and alicia sams. >> it's not about how much of obama we get to e but the movement andhe structure of the campai and the intnal piece ofhat history that's now occurred which is he got elected. >> be the i bought his book and i read it a you know, he has an incdible story and a thought, wow, this guy could be the first african-arican president and i thought it would make areat documentary. >> there was almo a serendity to the campaign and it occurred within him and -- it was the right campaignor the right person at the rightime and there's like an elega simplicityo it all and a genius bind it. >> charlie: anthe basketball coach from the unirsity of nortcarolina, roy williams. >> i loved going on the road. i love havingthe majority of people not being for us, cheering again us. the national championship ge this year in detroit wit us against michigan state, 72,000 people and 700 wererom north carolina and the oer 65ere from michigan st
administration. >> the idea that president obama and his team were able toomehow transform the map and transrm theolitical geography of this cntry or th political demogphy of this country, that just doesn't lo to be the case. they did redraw the mapn 2008. was an he norly imprsive victory. but that doesn't mean that ey have somehow fundamentally alter the lascape in permanent way >> and job gsham is here with a n book, a collection of sht stories. >> it is mor about people. more about the small town people. many of om are struggling. many of whom have had aot of ms eri, a lot of he. it's about small town lawyers and the crazy things th do out of desperaon. all stuff i saw firsthand many years ago. >> rose: mohamed elbaradei, john harris, joh grisham next. >>unding for charlie rose s been provided by the k08ing -- followin captioning sponsed by rose cmunications from our sdios in new york city, this is charlie rose rose: mohamed elbaradei is here. after 12years as directer general of the united nations nuclear watchdog the international atomic energy agency, will step down at the d ofhis month
was 400,000 lessthan at the start of the decade. mr obama has sd he would aounce afterecoming thanksging weekend wheth he will send extra troopso afghanist. he has been cnsidering a request from e leader of inteational fors to add 0,000 more troops. >> after eightears, somof those years in which we did not ha the resources or the strategy to get the jo done, it is my intention to finish the job. >> and honoring india at the rst state reception of his presidency. resident obama took the stage athe white hoe with the vising indna prime minister. they agreed to strengthen cooperation are ran of issues. but how much does india matter to the united states? her's our special correspoent in washington. >> india's leadersre still assessing their iortance to prsidentbama, and there is sense of nostalgia for the last president, george w.bush, who ended a decades-long ban on nuear trade. today there is scrutiny of the langue used and body language. india has been split -- praised as indispensable today welcing ceremonies were intended to speak to the time and money being lavisd on china and pakista
mild, low volume llback, stocks came back and ended ar the day's best levels. >> susie: president obama ll be in copehnhan next month for e global climate summit. he will fa many pressing questions includg how much money will t u.s. contribute to help developingountries fight clate change? the answer's not yet known. but we do ow that obama will unil a plan to cut greenhouse gasses by 2020. specifically aommitment to cut emissions by 17%ver the next deca. another prsing issue for esident obama: afghanistan. the whe house said today the united states will not be in afghanisn for another eight or nine years. that word as the admistration lays t groundwork for presidt obama's announcement on tueay of a new war rategy. darren gersh takes a look at question many are asking: w much will the w strategy cost. and what will it mean fothe economy? >> reporter: in ir and afghanistan total ending is on pace to hit $1rillion by the enof the 2010 budget year. our annual defen spending has not been this high since world war ii. but weighed agait our gross domestic product the broest measure of economi
a lot of the same campagn techniques that got president back obama elected, a grounds wa, an air war, a lot of usef surrogates to go out and bolter these members of congress who are willingto sort of stick eir n next out for t president. >> kaen, if jus gettingthis procedural vote is kind of e perils f pauline right down to the wre, and we're leaning abt some senators we nevr heard of before who pparently have particular tings they're asking for, ds that mean that threst of this process or two months -- that ay time they want to get anhing in or o of this bill it's goin to be that qestion of can you get vote 59 or 60 >>nd that's whyit was so important to seehat exactly what in harry reid's bill that he put infront of the senate. because ery change is goingto take 60 vote going to have ghts over abortn, fights overthe govement-run public option there will be ights over how to pay for tis thing just oming one after another. >>hether undocumented orkers cause their own mony to pay for prive insurance under one of the plans. that's something whicis a big issu >> exactly. and there's impo
. and we begin with hn tarat of al jeera english. >>eporter: the first thing the new prident, barack obama did on hisirst day in office in the whe house on january was to telepho middle east leaders incling mahmoud abbas. if president abbas thoughthat meant the paltinians' time has come, was quickly forced to reconsider. lack of process and with deadlock over israelsettlementxz buildingited as the main reason f his decision not to ek re-election. u.s. secretary ostate hillary clinton praised ass' effort and impld she had known about this for more than few days. >> i jt saw him on saturday, george mitchell sahim on moay, in each of those conversations he describ in eat detail the challenges th he faces. and we talked about s own political ture. and i look forwardo working and with president abbasn any new capaci. >> reporter: praising abass,ow that he'decided to step down, is one thing. the message in the pt months and in particular the st week, has been quite another >> no new star for example, is unprecedted. >> rorter: the praise for the israeli prime nister and his supposed limitg of s
know move forward. and i think barack obama is stretching backward, fnkly, to engageiran. and i have been saying t the iranian leadership ivately and plicly, make use of that opportuni. reciprocate. right now that dl is -- ill hinges on the queson of guarantees, you know. the iranianre distrustful that if their material will go o of iran, they might not get it back in the form of fuel. despite the fact that we have been having as partof that agreeme, built in a lot of guaranes. the russian are guaranteei the implementation the american are ready for the rst time to guarane the implemeation. the agency will teustody ofhis material so that the inteational community as a whole will . >> rose:our agency. >> iaea will take custody the material when it goe back until it comes back iran. sohere is a lot of built-in guarantees. but th iranian still would like to seethe materl stay in iran until they get the fuel. ll that will not diffuse the crisis. because to get e material out of iran will diffuse this perption that iran having material that could be used fornuclear weapon. it will give ba
isaying they'rgoing to take a lot of the same camign techniques that got president arack obama elected, a grounds wr, an air war, a lot of us of surrogates to go out and bolst these members ocongress who are willing o sort of sticktheir own next out forhe president. >> kren, if jut getting this procedural vote is kind othe perils of pauline rght down to the ire, and we're learning out some senators we neer heard of before whoapparently have particular hings they're asking for,oes that mean that e rest of this processfor two months -- that ny time they want to get aything in orut of this bill it's going to be that uestion of canyou get vote 59 or 6? and that's why it was so important to s what exactly what in hrry reid's bi that he put i front of the senate. becausevery change is goin to take 60 vots. ing to have fihts over abortion,fights over the governme-run public option. there will be figs over how to pay for ths thing just cming one after another. >> whher undocumented workers can ustheir own money to pay for private surance under one of the plans. that's something which is big is
for important talks with president obama. we'll tell you what to expe. >>> we'll ke y to germany, where new immigrants are being asked to sn contracts coitting them to western values. what about trying th idea here? >>> d remarkable pictures fr the de. new species are discovered that may change the way you think about lifender the seas. >>> from the world's leading reports and analysts, here's what's hapning from around the world. this is "worfocus." major suppt has been provided by rosalind p. walter and the peteg. peterson foundati, dedicated to promoting fiscal responsility l and addressing key econoc challenges facing americs future. and additional fding is provided by the followg supporters -- > fweeng good evening. i'm martin savidge. i'll be here all week. we begin tonight with a country that has ben under the rar, at is crial to american foreign policy. th country is india. already with more than a billion people a expected to overtake cha as the world's st populous nation in the next 20 year india's ime ministeranmohan singh, is in washington, where he will be officially welmed by
crimes trial >> if anyone cannot i am at that ime. >> presiden obama announs his strategy fo afghanistan. britain confirmed it is sending 500 more troops. of low for global investors. -- a blow for global instors concerninthe debts of bai world. very wm welcome to "bbc world news," broadcast for o viewers on pbs iamerica and around the globe. my namis mike embley. ming up later for you -- in portugal, it looks that it will be likely to allow same-s marriages. and crumbling n is grabs -- manusipts left bind in timbuktu. hello tyou. si decades aft the second worl war, at could behe last major nazi war crimes trial has started in muni. johemjanjuk was born in ukraine and is now 89 yrs old. he's accus of helpin lead ousands of pple in to the gas chambers in pond. his family and then say he is too frail to face justice. our coespondent is in court. >> he is accuse of mass murder, but he could nt even walk into the courtroom. 89-year-old john demjanjuk went to trial today, as photograers crowded around him. it felt more li a freak ow than a war crimestrial. >> it was like the fit day when the
>> rose: welcome tthe broadcas tonight an assessmen stof obama ainistration as the president faces a importa speech on afghanistan and a vote in the senate. also tonight, a conversation with doris kearns goodwin, the presidential historian and he n joseph who servedin iraq and afghanistan. we had omoted this eve na conversatiith the "newsweek" reporterho was arreste and tained for 118 days i a tehran pson, that interview wi be seen on fday night. night, an assessment of the obama psidency and a conversation with mother and n doris kearns goodwin and her son joseph. captioning sponsoredy rose commucations from our sdios in new york city, this is charlie rose >> re: it has now been more than a year since presiden obama was elected. his admistration has seen both progress and setbacks. while the economic crisis has waned somewhat, the uneloyment rate has vered abo 10%. u.s. troops are pparing to ad over time a calmerraq, but the taliban has gained strengthn afghanistan and pakistan. at home, some recent polls indicate the psident's approval rate hang fallen below 50% for the first tim
think at disappntment you are seeing now among obama voters, yocan see it creepingnto a lot of the commentary is a ncern, a deep worry that oh my god, mae, and i say this with eat sadness, he can trump the system. >> rose: as good as he i he can't. the forces of paralysis are just wghing him down. what are those forces, its one the things that really interest me toda first of all money and politics which is noso big that politicia either have to spend the time raising or spend their ti running from peoplwho have got it and are ying to force things on to them no matter how small their interests are. second you've got the gerrymdering of pitical districts now at are so scientific that as they say liticians can to you choose their vers, not the other way aund. yove got a cable television universal that really fractur the potical spectrum and empowers some of the loudes most extremeoices. u've got an intnet at its best rlly opens the world for new voices, chalnges elitesand establishmen but at its worst rely can spread extremist ias i think in a veryangerous way. and lastly, o
: the leadstory: president obama announces hel go to the global climate summ, while a new study shows cutting emissis will make peopleealthier. judy odruff and ray suarez have our coverage. en, after the other news of the day,argaret warner explores theilitary options for the u.s. in afghanistan paul solman repts on the gold ush of 2009, as the value of the dollar plummets >> if you'rworried about inflation, if you'reorried abt the u. government not being able to pay its debt, if you're worried about worrying >lehrer: and jeffrey brown gets the last on toyota's recall ofore than four million cars and trucks. major funding r the newshour wi jim lehrer is ovided by: >> what the world needs now energy. the energy to get the econo hummg again. e energy to tackle challenges like clima change. what if that energcame from an ener company? eryday, chevron invests $62 million in people,n ideas-- seeking, teaching, blding. fueling growth arod the world to move us all ahea this is the power human ergy. chevron. ♪ we are intel, sponsors of tomorrow. wells fargo advisors. together, we'll gfar. >> and b
. guantanamo b incuba. president obama hasromised to close down the notorious prison. some of the famies of tse who died think this is justi at last, not mr. and mrs. santora whose son was a firefighter, hdied in the twi towers. they say the aused should never set footn america. >> we need to b protected from th. these are very dangerous -- i thi dbolic individuals. i don't want them near my grandchildn. i don'tanthem near anybody's ildren. ion't want them on our il. >> in new york, some worry about the sort ofsecurity that will surrnd such a sensational rial. many welcome the nws. >> btter that it's in new rk where 'll get afair jury of new yorkers followingoth the 1993 bombing and the 2001 event. i hpe he gs a fair trial. >> theshould be he. they suld be in new york wre the event occurred and allow the citizens of new york twitness firsthan the administratn of juste. >> thiss a very politil decision. before bein sent to gutanamo, mohammed was water boarded, some would say ttured, 183 times. evidence obined that way could ve been allowed bere a mitary tribunal under the bush admintration. ts i
widespread corruption. reports of classified cles sent from eikenrry to esident obama were splashed across e front pages of major newspapers today. t ambassador's advice seemed to be reflected in ahite house statemt issued last night. it read: "afteyears of substantial investments bthe american peoe, governance in afghanistan musimprove in a reasonable piod of time." news accountsaid four propols were on the table thursday as the prident met again with his nationasecurity team. today however, defee secretary robert gates nfirmed mr. obama wanted something different. e option was to add 30,000 o more troops to take on the taliban in targeted, keareas. the otr three ranged from a small influx of forces to th 4000 general mcchrystal has asked r. the eventsn the u.s. could add to the pressure on ahan presint hamid karzai, after his default re-eltion earlier this mont secretary of state hillary clinn underscored that point today, during a stopn the ilippines. >> we're lookg to president karzaias he forms a new government, to takaction that will demonstrate-- n to the internional community-- but f
are ready for a contrition from president obama beyond "weead up." it somehowit. >> well, he is really carefu with his lguage. he really,s a lawyer, but said it in a very lawyerly way, and he tends to be choosing very precise wor. >> am not necessarily saying that -- both obama a bush had very good speech writers. iave watched bush just stumbling around before he got to the speec i once was inermany and he s not doing well. when he got the speech,t w very good becse he read it wellnd he was comfortable. when he had thateleprompter, head a degree of comfort that he wouldot have had otherse. d obama does bh he alws has a teleprompter, and he seems quite comfoable without it at the press conferences there is a big teleprompter that is close to a shield. he reads the first few remar even athey sound quite informal of that, but then he is into questions and he on his own and heoes just as well. >> rht. >> so he i naturally articulate. i wonder, though, whether he will leave us with any great rases that will go down in story. i do nothink he has yet. >> right, and you do not really knowntil
fighclimate change? the answer's not yet kno. but weo know that obama will unveil a plan to cut greenhoe gasses by 2020 specifical a commitment to cut emissions by7% over the next cade. anothepressing issue for president obama: afghanist. thwhite house said today the united states will not bin afghistan for another eight or nine years. that word as thedministration la the groundwork for prident obama's announcement onuesday of a new war strategy. darren gersh takes a looat a question many are asking: ho much will the nestrategy cost. and what will it mean for e economy? >> reporter: in iraqnd afghanistan total spding is on pace to hit $1 tllion by the end the 2010 budget year. our annual defensepending has not been this high since wor war ii. but weighed ainst our gross domestic product theroadest measure of ecomic activity anthony cordesma an adviser to the state department and pentagonays the wars in ghanistan and iraq are not a undue burden. >> with two wa and that includes still an iraqffort which is much more expensi than the afgn effort, the burden on thamerican economy is a littl
be a differen response? >> what does the obama administration believe is an appropriate use of rendition? >> the - what know so far is th the obama administration intends continue the process of rendition, but were hopeful that it wille not rendition to rture, but, rather, rendition to criminal trial. >> you mean extraordinary rendition is off the table, that's not goingto happen? >> well, weave reason to belie that the obama administration will not alwing the cia, will not be allowing any of its operatives to tnsfer individualso countries where they m be subjted to torture. but rendition, are old, will continue to criminal prosecuon in various countries that the individual may besent to. >> should thenited states be rendering terror suspects to overse justice? what's the point of it? >> the unid states shouldn't be renderinganyone anywhere unless is pursuant to a judicial process in the country in which the rson was picked up. every indidual on the planet has a right toe free from arbiary detention. andifou are denied judicial press at the point of pture, then that's a dnapping and i
report. >>reporter: one year after the voterof new jersey and virginia helped elect barack obama president, they versed course st night, handing their states' top jobs to rublicans. nationag.o.p. chairman michael eele said today his party ha found its voice ain. > as recently as a couple of >> theepublican renaissance has begun. it has ben in earnest, in whch we put our faith in the hopes and dreams ofhe american people to rebuild our econo from the bottom up,ot the big deficitpending plans and polies of the politicians in washington or our sta capals. >> reporr: virginia republicans, cluding former attorneyeneral bobcdonnell, swept the night-- mcdonnell a nearly 20-pointargin over democratic state senator eigh deeds. >> eight months ag i applied for the job of govnor of virginia. onight, you have hired me. thank you! ( applause ) reporter: president obama campaigned repeatedlfor both eds in virginia and new jers goverr jon corzine, but it wasn't enough to sway independent voters, especiay in virginia. still, white housepokesman robert gibbs said thresults reflected local ncerns
is the cri of e century. >> lehrer: then, after thother news of the day: jeffrey brown rorts on preside obama's japan visit; pausoan talks with sheila bair, the nion's chief banking regulator; and mark shiel and david brooks anale the week's news. major fundinfor the newshour with jim lehrer is providedy: >> this is the engine that connects abuant grain from the americaneartland to haran's best selli whole wheat, while keeping 60 billn pounds of carbon out of the atsphere every ar. bnsf, the gine that connects us. >> 150 years of nancial strength a the experience of an estlished investment firm havcome together. wachovia securiti is now wells fargo advisors. th financial advisors nearby and nationwide. with the advice and plning exptise to help you address today's unique challges, we're with yu. wachovia securits is now wells fao advisors. gether, we'll go far. this is the wer of human enery. an by toyota. a by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supporting science, techlogy, and improved economic performce and financial iteracy in the 21st century. and with the ongoing suppt of thse institutions
. >> tod's numbers are further proof thathe obama economic policies ara failure. gwen: cool optimism and hot ssimism on dispy as the unemploymenrate makes a sudden jum neousness at theallot box too as obama democrats itwo big states go down to defeat. >> tere is soe little sadness. gwen will thelection results rattlehe health care debate on capitol hill? >> we're right on the brin of passing histor legislation to rovide quality, affordable, accessible healthare for all amerans. >> not one republican will vote for this bi. gwen: and will violencet home -- >> an individual jumped up on a sk and started shooting weapons. gn: and abroad -- gw: change the course in afghanistan? >> it is not just thu.s. that is being tested in afghastan, nor is it st britain. itis the whole international community. gwen: covering the we, jackie calmes of the "new york times. james barnes of "national journal. cei connolly of "the washington post. and martha raddatz of abc news. >> celebrating 40 years of journalistic eellence, live from ouration's capital, this is "washington week" with gwen ifill, produce
viewers like you. thank you. >> lehrer: predent obama conrmed today he's rey to announchis decision on sending u.s. troops to afghantan. he said 'd spell out his plans after thanksgiving. margaret warner has ouread story repor >> warnerthe president met well into last night with h national security tea his tenth anfinal such session since september. today, it was wide reported he'll dress the nation tuesday night. >> i'll be making an annouement on how we intend to move forward. >> waer: the president spoke of his decion at a joint news confence with indian prime minist manmohan singh, who was making the firsstate visit of thobama presidency. >> ter eight years, some of thoseears in which we did not have, i think, ther the resourceor the strategy to get e job done, it is my intentn to finish theob. and i feel very confent that when the erican people hear a clearationale for what we're doing there a how we intend to achieve our als, that they wi be supportive. >> wner: mr. obama was id to have consired options of between 10,000 and 40,000 additional troops. recent reportsuggest he's
of questions unanswered. president obama has phod him and warne him that corruption must be tkled. the latestrom washington in just aoment. first the bbc's ian pal from kabul. >> it's cost mllions of punds and dozens of livesto get to th moment. and i came in a small, packed room on the outskirts of call bu. >> we declare that mr. hamid kari has gotten the majority votes in t first round and he is the only candidate for the cond roun of elecons of afghanian in 2009, be declar as elected pesident of afgnistan. >> the head of the election board was -- with questns about fraud, crruptions and hw a man who won less than half the votes could be president again. >> e you not embarrassed by e way this process has been conducted? >> embarrassed? yes? >> because you've been force to widraw a second round. >> tt was a duty. the constituency - >> worldeaders have rushed to congratulate hamid kari, but he emerges weaker than ever, in charge of a countr more divid an dangerous than at any point inthe last eigh years. >> the country ws not really, d i want to say that please check in yourountri
supporters -- > hello and good evening. i'm dal. >>> present obama is repoedly nearing a decision to add tens of thousands of troops to t american force in afghanistan, tugh military offials tell the sociated prs that the mber will fall short of the 40,000 request by the american commanderin afanistan. officialsay that the deployment will probably ben in january to strengthen the fense of ten key cies and towns. meanwhile,n southern afghanistan, u.s. solers and afghan pice have dcovered a hu supply of ammonium nrate. half a milli pounds of the fertiler usedin bbs targeting nato troops. and in a remo part of eastern afghantan, taliban insurgents have apparently gotten hold of a cache of american weapons the armsay have been left behind when ameran forces were driven out of two combat outposts in the kamdesh district of nuristan province lt month in a battle that killed eit u.s. soldiers. that is our "lead ocus" tonight. d we begin with this report by jonah hl. >> reporr: high in the inof eastern afghanistan,aliban fhters display wh appear to be american arms and ammutions apparently seized at
. but in his speech to a town hall stylemeeting of university students in shanghai obama ao talkedbout freedomsoften nied in china. >> we do not seek to impose any systemf government on any other nation. but we alsoon't believe that thr are unique to our nati. thesereedoms of epressionand worship, of access to informatn and political partipation, we believe are universal rights. they should be ailable to all people, iluding ethnicnd religious minority whether they are in the unitestates, china or any tion. but even as theresident called for access to inrmation, china was tightly controing it. the eting with a cafully screened group of students who were coached beforehand was not broadct live across the country, andwhile it was available two big national internet sites, it wa hard to hear. and on big website, the xinhua news agency tld people that the obamauñ÷ live, but th onhe screen apparentlyails to deliver on at promise. in tonight's"leadfocus," we take an in depth lo at the oba visit and its significance, beginng with the presidents day from melia chan of al jazra english. >> re
editor of this is referendum on barack obama's popularity, as some y. republicansre feeling optimistic. >> republicans are tying to point to specific areas ofhe country where barack oba dd very well in 2008and say, we will win here. there are a coupl of governorshi out there, a ominent congressional race, the are areas where barack obama did very well. if republicans take the vote, ey can say this is a repudiationf the president's policies. >> it is partlyecause of economic things coming into play. unemployment, pele are still worried abouthen the economy will bounceack. >>we have an interesting dynamic. president obama was persolly more popular an hisolicies. he isell-liked domestical like he is abroad. when he starts gettingnto his econic policies, health care prosals, he is nothat is popular, less tha50%. that is really what -- [no audio] >> what kind ofepublican party it? the republicans themsels e some ofplit. >> that is righ e have rift between the conservative elements of the republican party and e more moderate folks they're gng at each other. the is one cgressional
as detaineesrandished a tree branches and broomstks. presidt obama isaying he will decide in the comi dys whethero attend nex month's climate change summit in copenhagen. it has emerged the u.s. will propose target for.s. emissions in that mting. one key pyer who will denitely be therhas bn telling us he believ the political famework deal is possible. austraa's prime minister is speaking tour bbc correspondents. >> the -- ahead of the copenhagen summit,ustralia's ime minister has ben asked to friend of the cha." tht is to say hes to play a ey negotiating role. he is also the prime minister one of the leading exporte of coal. he wants to be part of the solution, bt his count is a jor part of the problem. kevin rudd knows that legally- binding treaty will not mted at copenhagen, ut he is hoping for a political agreement. >> there is an ormous mor a political obligation o this generation of world lders. the presre has moted. i said before we were capable of deliveringn agreement. it does not an it is nevitable we will get ther we are capable o it. i believe ther is strong degree of political result i
>> pau less talk, more action. e obama administration wants to turn the ti when it comes to feclosures, so it turning up the heat on mortgage servicers to help borrows keep their homes. >> susie: if you went to t mall this weeken you know shoppers were buyi. t investors started buying retail stocks monthsgo. we'll look at whshares of retailers are doing well. >> paul: uni leaders will be ong president obama's guests at thursday's whe house summit on jobs. tonight, we ask the f.l./c.i.o.'s damon silvers how s union will help the president create js. >> susie: whent comes to investg, do you follow the herd? coming up, surprisg evidence on what makes you oose the stocks you choose. >> paul: i'm paukangas. >> susie: and i'm sie gharib. this is "nightly busins report" for moay, november 30. "nhtly business report" is made possib by: thisrogram is made possible by contributions tyour pbs statn from viewers like you. thank you. caioning sponsored by wpbt >> susie: good ening, everyone. tough action todayrom the whe house to stop the pace of foreclosures. the obama admistration
good evening. m daljit dhaliwal. as presint obama weighs his options in afghanistan, a strong voice of dissent has emerged allenging the american coander in afghanistan's call for anoth 40,000 tops for the war fort. he isthe u.s. ambassador to afghantan, karl eikeerry, anhe says that only10,000 t 15,000 moreorces should be committed. eikenberry is al a formerop commandein afghanian and he says most of those ext troo shld be used not incombat, but to train t afghan army. today, the head of nto also emphasizedraining the afghan army and police. and tohat end, he said th nato allies arelso pledging to send more troops. >> if we left ghanistan behind, terrorism could esily spread from afanistan through central asia andurther and destabilize pakista a nlear power. that wou be a very, very dangerous situation. and i think all governments realize the wayahead is transition tafghan lead so that we can handle responsibility to them. >> in the meantime, there is also ather iss that permeates just about any conversation about commting more troop it is the perceptio andhe reality of widesead co
, whe an army psychiatrt is accused of attack that left 13 dead and 29 wounded. president obama part offered personal tributes to the victsives in the service they give their couny. >> soldiers wounded in shooting ma the difficult way down to the ceremony. 38 were wounded here five days ago. 13 people werekilled, remember by their boots, tir guns, their helmets, and a photograph. then, the prident, cmander in chi in charge of the united states miliry, americsook to to rike the right notes in tragedy. >> we need not look to the past greness bause it is fore our vereyes. >> id it was a ting ti, a time war, but notne where theilitary victorwould be maked bcigarettes are made. >> and what the threats tat know no borders, their legacy will be marked in the safy of our cities and towns, and seurity and oprtunity abroad. >> he said it was hard to comprend the twisted logic that led to is tragedy. >> no faith justifie these murderous and cren acts. no just and loving god looks upon them with favor. for what he ha done,e know th the killer wl be met wi justice i this world and t next. >> man
of folks in t obama white house now involved in ts process who were a part of the deregulation that got us in thehis mess in the first place i'll let you tell the story. >> well, exaly right now, f example, o of the kconomic advisors is larry sumrs. he was treasury secretary back in 1999 and that wa very important ye. almost coming up on the09 anniversary the repeal of -- e 10th annersary of the real of the glass-steagall act. he is in the wte house now and he came on the heels of -- summs did of robert rubin who was a treasury secrery und president bill cnton who happenedo be a c.e.o. before that ased to workor ldman sachs so there is a switchover into ts very important admistrative positi for a treasurycare secretary to do thatnd both of them had the idea you had to regute the banks andix these commercial banks and investment banks togeth in order to be competite in the global onomy and that the u.s. would fall behind if that wasn't the case and the rest we see 10 years later and it tk time for all of these little banks to merge and become bigger and more powerf and too big to fl as it
institute >> nt tuesday, dember 1, president obama is expecteto reveal to the natn what he plans do on afghanistan cod afterwards, he will go to capitol hill in an fort to shore up support among democrats. his go, he says, is to stop al qaeda fr operating in afghanistan. >> it is in our strategic interest, natial-security interest, toake sure that al eda and its extremist allies cannooperate effectively in those areas. we are going to dismantl the greater pabilities and timately dismantle andestroy thr networks. >> at leastwo perful democrats are talking about war tato pay for the new rategy. >>here will be no moy for nothing if we put it l into afghanistan. >> i think the stated purpose of addin additionaincome tax to the upperrackets, more than 250,000. >> senator carl levin and congressman david ey. the number-cncher's tell us that the price g for soldis and marines and other military rsonnel in afghanistans about $1 million eh. who knows what a new health care structure will co? weighting two wars in some tennis agree -- multaneously. will the president go head-- he
state produce the obama wobbling, not gettinanything done. outsiders, people who do not just wat cable tv and enjoy yelling, mt wder,hat are they doing here? it is a test o whether the system functio at all. it ifrustrating that they ha these stid psychos over abortion. > -- spid side shows over aborti. i don't tnk that the iss is stupid, but it is a sideshow of the main event. >> i suppose we in the electronic media hp, because theris so much instant communication, and the kind of misinformati that peop are allowed to get away with on television -- most recently, this week, appently, those of us who are supposed to watch ea other for a living, at least in part, missed the fact that fox -- hannity on fox had mixed two rallies, one frothe day -- >> jon stewart fun of him. -- made fun of him. >> but w are at point of disinformation -- ion't know what ppened with this votg present -- >> it waan interesting thing. the reblicans are almost unanimously pro-life party in the house. enhe stupakmendment, troduced by the pro-life side, was introduced, they rlize that if it were aepted, these pro
, everyone. creating jobfor americans is nojob number one for president obama. announced today plans for a white house jobs summit in december with os, small busine owners, economists, and labounions. the announment came just hours ter the government reported some encouraging news om the lar front-- the number of u.s. workers filing for jobss benefi last week fell to the lowest level since janua. buwith the nation's unemployment rate at 10., the presidt said he's open to new ids on ways to hire out-of- work americans. it's important that we don' make any illonsidered decisions, even withhe best of intentions, pticularly at a time when our resoces are so limite but it's jusas important that we are open any demonstrably od idea to supplement the sts we've already taken to put amera back to work. that's what this fum is about. >> sie: joining us now for more analysis on theresident's jobs summi alec phillips, political analyst at goldman sachs. , alec. >> good be here. >>usie: why the focus on jobs, now, from presint obama? >> i think there are probay two things that have happened tha
regular, senator dodd's bill goes much rther than the obama admintration proposed if passed, it would behe largest government shakeup sce the creati of the department ofomeland security. is it a go idea? darren gersh p that question to treasurassistant secretary michael barr, a key playern the obama adnistration's reform efforts. >> i think the key issue is not who's up or w's down or what the regulatory bos are in reform. the key principles tha we have to have are new clea rules of the road f financial fis, tougher forms of supersion,rotection of consumers andnvestors, going after problems with mornls- mortgages d overdrafts a credit cards thatare still hard on american consers today d ending this perception of too big fail. those are thkey msures wel be judging any reform on >> b there's an impornt int which is thatenator dodd doesn'seem to have a great deal of cfidence in the federal reserve as a regulalater so, he wants to put the regulatory function i a diffent agency and have the fed do less. do you think he' wrong? >> i think therewas a regulatory failu all arod in t system. our fi
to be over forarack obama. the republin party clmed victorin new jersey and virginia. republicans are talking about a comeback. wi this change the politica landscape aheaof the politicalontest in coness? >> the republicanssay this is a slap back against the government in washington. the demoats are saying this wa aboutocketbookissues. he democrats d mr. obama have to be worried out what was in the exit polls. the a lot oindependent vots who helpedropel him to victory nt to the righ whethey were aed whether they were worried abou some of those independents talk abt the massive growth in vernment spending and the deficit. they are movin tards the conservative vote. a lot of young voters thatame t in strength in 2008 or not there when you look at virgia and new jersey, the nuer of youn voters was half. an interesting outcome in new yo city. it seems that 0 million will not buy you so much. the mayor a billing error and h spent $90 milon into his electioncampaign. -- the mayor is a billionaire. it did not by him what he was expecting. he did get reelected, he is now a third term mayor. he really
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